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Simplify Payables with APSync


Quickly and Easily
Import Vendor Invoices.

APSync quickly and easily imports vendor invoices  automatically, delivering full detail into your finance system to streamline the payment and client reimbursement process. Manual entry is eliminated to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Quickly Upload Invoices

Upload invoices using APSync's web interface, folders or dedicated email addresses.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Eliminate the need to enter hundreds of invoices manually.

APSync can quickly and easily import your vendor invoices automatically, providing full details, including attached PDF into your finance system with no manual entry required. Vendors can send their invoices directly to APSync, simplifying the review and approval process. APSync can even automatically split and route invoices to streamline the client reimbursement process.

  • Quickly and easily import all your vendor invoices
  • No manual entry of invoice details required
  • Vendors can send invoices directly to your system
  • Custom import of all vendor data
  • No setup work required
  • Intuitive web interface

Cloud-Based Quick Implementation

Because Scan Logic’s Accounts Payable Automation System is cloud-based, there are no servers or software to install. Start importing invoices instantly with no setup or long complicated installation. Our solution allows you to process vendor invoices within minutes. 

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